Silent Coat | Simply cut, peel & stick on the interior sheet metal of any vehicle to destroy unwanted vibrations & structural noise..  Apply to the skin of the van walls and roof

Thermoliner | Closed Cell foam to be applied OVER Sound Deadening.  This will act as a Sound Barrier for airborne noise and road noise in accompaniment to the Silent Coat

Dodo Duo [Floor] | Fitted to the floor, this will insulate + Sound Deaden the floor area

Silent Coat is supplied in BOXES of 20 or 40 sheets and little difference between a SWB + LWB in quantity needed.  Use the information to map out your build and plan where you want to Sound Deaden or insulate.  The most effective areas to SOUND DEADEN are the SIDES + WHEEL ARCHES.  Insulation would be placed on the roof and the sides of any vehicle or Motorhome/Campervan

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Silent Coat - VW Transporter

  • Rear floor area and wheel arches - 40 sheets (Package deals can include the XL Floor pack - bigger sheets, half the time!)

  • Front Cab Floor and Cab wheel arches - 20 sheets

  • Front Cab Doors - 10 sheets (x5 per door)

  • Roof - 40 sheets

  • Sides with no windows 40 sheets

  • Sides with 2 Front windows 30 sheets

  • Sides with 4 windows 20 sheets

Bulk Pack = 40 Sheets
Volume Pack = 20 Sheets


*If you are using Dodo Thermoliner, you can drop down to around 70% still with excellent results 


One SWB van will need 10sqm Dodo Thermoliner for the roof and sides (optional addition of Dacron in any voids)

Dodo Thermoliner comes in 6mm (THERMOLINER SE + 16mm Extreme for better Thermal qualities.  You do not need any further vapour barrier when using Thermoliner

Van Floor Pro (VFP)

VFP can be used as an alternative to Silent Coat on the load area floor.  This will insulate AND sound deaden the area.  This comes at a premium price and is included in the ULTIMATE Package 


Silent Coat is VERY easy to install. Each sheet has a peel off backing which goes direct to the metal.  Once the Silent Coat has been applied you would add the Dodo Thermoliner over the top to increase the sound deadening and of course to finish with the insulation.  

To finish off you can install Van Floor Pro in the rear load area as a closed cell foam barrier on the floor under any ply to add further sound deadening or for a more basic approach, use an XL Floor pack or 40 sheets of Silent Coat

Example Packages

SWB Ultimate Kit for the best you can buy 

SWB Full Van Package using the XL Floor Pack and No Van Floor Pro

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