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Fitting the LEDs


The unts will need to be run under the footwell.  One LED per side with the cut end run up through the side of the footwell, fed up to the left passenger dash panel - see photos


Wiring the LEDs


Step 1

Remove the left panel on the inside of the passenger door using a trim tool or a small screwdriver from the underside.


Step 2

Look for the white connector block on the loom holder - see photo in pictures or fitting link


Step 3

Install one PosiTap connector to the negative - red/black - on the loom, you will see a red/brown & red/black (before fitting remove the small end of the PosiTap and unscrew the end to separate).  


Step 4

Thread the small end (the one you previously unscrewed) over each wire from the LED lights. 


Step 5

Install the negative feed from the LED to the Red/Black on the loom by installing the PosiTap connector fully and screw the PosiTap together.


Step 6 

Connect the fuse holder to the second PosiTap using the same process.  Thread the small end over the red outer and screw the small end to the PosiTap together. Before fitting onto the loom install the red crimp to the end of the fuse holder. Use a set of pliers to compress each end of the crimps to secure the wire. Now you can fit the PosiTap with the fuse holder installed onto the red/brown feed on the loom.


Step 7

Connect the positive (red) from the LED to the crimp attached to the fuse holder.  The Lights should now come live.  


The lights will turn on when the van is unlocked or the doors are opened!

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