VAT GB 279142482 

Company Number 10989646

Silent Coat

  • Rear Load area and wheel arches - 40 sheets (Package deals can include the XL Floor pack - bigger sheets, half the time!)

  • Roof - 40 sheets

  • Cab Floor and arches - 20 sheets

  • Sides - 2 Front Quarter windows - 30 sheets

  • Front Doors - 20 sheets (x10 per door)

  • Sides no windows - 40 sheets

  • Sides with all 4 windows - 20 sheets

Bulk Pack = 40 Sheets
Volume Pack = 20 Sheets

*NOTE If you are using VAN FLOOR PRO you do not need to account for 40 Silent Coat sheets for the floor space



One SWB van will need 10sqm Dodo Thermoliner for the roof and sides (optional addition of Dacron in any voids)

Dodo Thermoliner comes in 7mm + 16mm Extreme for better Thermal qualities.  You do not need any further vapour barrier when using Thermoliner


Silent Coat is VERY easy to install. Each sheet has a peel off backing which goes direct to the metal.  Once the Silent Coat has been applied you would add the Dodo Thermoliner over the top to increase the sound deadening and of course to finish with the insulation.  

To finish off you can install Van Floor Pro in the rear laod area as a closed cell foam barrier on the floor under any ply to add further sound deadening or for a more basic approach, use an XL Floor pack or 40 sheets of Silent Coat