VAT GB 279142482 

Company Number 10989646

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New Stock Arriving 8.2.19

A cracking little piece of kit. Mounted on the section one above the adjuster, the holder has a lower leg to stabilise the unit into the vent leaving it very stable but still adjustable.

Fitting: Mounted within the vents and with a bracing arm on the underside, it is nice and stable

1. Fit the the upper hooked arms to the vent profile one above the directional adjuster which allows the bracing arm to sit at the surround/lowest section of the vent

2. Push the bracing arm out into the vent. 2 clicks will secure the unit, 3 is usually too much, this will push the upper clips/hooks & holder away from the vent, securing it from moving using the upper hooks. 

3. Ensure the 2 hooks are fully located around the vent profile

4. Check the holder is stable

Fits 2003 - Facelift T5.1

Air Vent Cup Holder