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A package to include a front Cab Mat, Door Card Inserts + Step Inserts


  • Custom text & edging colours
  • Non slip rear backing

Prices include any trim colour free of charge; Please accuratley descrive you colour. If in doubt - email...

Upon ordering please let us know:

1. If you have a bench seat or captain seats
2. If this was the seating setup from factory or they were changed
3. T5 or T6
4. No of sliding doors
5. Edging tape colour
6. Kiravan Swivel Cutout or non

Step and door inserts available in Black, Mid Grey, Blue, Red

1100gm EXCLUSIVE Cab Carpet option only available in Black, Anthracite, Graphite
900gm Premiere Cab Carpet option available in Black, Dark (Gun Metal) Grey, Graphite, Blue, Red


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Cab Mats, Door Inserts + Step Mats

Carpet Weighting