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5 Metres 16x16mm Door Seal for VW T5 T5.1 and T6

Fast Dispatch; VWT Magazine Featured
	California Door Seal Upgrade: Sounds Like A Golf
	VWT and VW Bus featured products with over 180,000m sold over ebay and online
	With the installed seals this will deliver a "thud" instead of a cheap "clunk" when closing the doors (Sounds Like A Golf)
	Custom engineered for the T5 T5.1 + T6 Transporter from EPDM Neoprene mix creating the perfect consistency so durability with malleability unlike other copies of our item you find on ebay
	Road noise from the gap at ear height gone!
	Stops any penetrating dust and dirt into the cab
	5+ metres - enough for both front doors
	Self-adhesive strip - guaranteed
	Easy 10 min install
	We also sell the Windscreen Dash Trim (On one of our other listings, not this one)
	Stops coins, pens, parking tickets etc. sliding behind the back of the dash the windscreen - perfect fro trades and campervans
	Smooth, clean finish and profile
	Cut to fit (T6 is slightly shorter)
	Reduces engine noise leaking into the cab
	Easy 30 second install. No tools or adhesive required. Just place it in the dash
	UV resistant and durable

*Note: Seals are likely to be sent separately from other orders and we keep them at another location to other stock

T5 T5.1 T6 16x16mm California Door Seal Upgrade