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Dodo Mat SQ Liner 8mm

Dodo Mat SQ Liner 8mm

The Dodo Mat SQ range of products are designed to be the very best soundproofing materials for your vehicle. Engineered to enhance the sound quality of your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise in a lightweight solution.

This special formulation thermo-acoustic "wave" foam is ideal to reduce noise and insulate the panel. It is also superb at improving the door environment for a speaker upgrade.


Dodo Mat SQ Liner is the perfect way to help absorb any external noise coming into your vehicle and improve the acoustics of the cabin. The soft yet durable foam also works to reduce rattles and squeaks between panels.

Improve door acoustics for speaker upgrades

Reduce cabin noise and improve interior

Absorb medium to high frequency noise

Self Adhesive for easy installation

Thermo acoustic, super flexible wave design

Water & Oil Resistant

Operating temperature range -40 to 100°C

Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989

Can be used in wide range of sound proofing applications

Ideal for vehicle roof & door cards and also machine enclosures

Closed cell nitrile foam with black wave finish

Total Thickness = 8mm (Peak)

1 sq.m (1 sheet - 200cm x 50cm)

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