CAB Carpets to fit all T5 | T5.1 | T6


The carpet is fitted to contour the cab area with extended arch wings and a tail between the seats on the Captain Seat arrangement + the Bench Seat.  The carpet will fit between both seats.  Our Mats for the MSCraft + Kiravan Swivel base both have cutouts to allow for the mat to contour around the profile of the seat base


• Bench Seat

• Captain Seats

• Swivel Bases [MSCraft + Kiravan]


Tail option on Bench Seat to cover the handbrake gap (REGISTERED DESIGN: 6027381


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A bench seat option will be sent by default should no selection be made for the seat arrangement


Add a heelpad options as a seperate purchase

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3000gm | Deluxe | Cab Mat

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