T5.1 | RCD330 | CarPlay | Mirror Link

T5.1 | RCD330 | CarPlay | Mirror Link

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RCD330 | Apple CarPlay Follow | T5.1 only | Plug + Play | £240
Google Maps
BT Audio
15 minute fit... max!
We have another batch arriving approximately mid June 👏🏼 
Please keep an eye on the FB page for an update of their arrival | facebook.com/pg/customveedubs
This system uses a single FM Fakra. If your existing system is a Double Fakra you will need an adaptor
Bluetooth Calls + Music Streaming with the built-in Bluetooth module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication. A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to use and the built in microphone makes for easy installation.
Bluetooth also enables audio streaming from the phone, audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to your RCD330.
Media Inputs | You have the choice of playing your music via a range of different ways if you don’t have a Bluetooth or CarPlay enabled device. You have the option of SD Card, USB or 3.5mm Aux.
Park Pilot / OPS Supported

*All units are fitted and tested prior to shipping with sealed screen protectors 
  • Fitting

    One of the more simpler installs is a radio in a Transporter!

    Ignition off and stays off until all connections are fitted and re-fitted

    Step 1 | Use a plastic card to po up the top tray.  Run card along the front edge.  This is held down using siple clip and clips at the rear

    Step 2 | Locate the two Torx screws at the front of the surround.  Remove, being careful not to drop them into the dash.  This will allow the front fascia plate to be removed

    Step 3 | Run a card along the top edge to unclip the fascia, the fascia will be attached with the airbag connections [do not turn the ignition on until these are clipped back together]. Remove and unclip the connections

    Step 4 | Locate the 4 x Torx screws to remove the existing radio, ensure all wiring is safe and remove the radio. 

    Step 5 | Unclip all existing connections, and refit the new radio with the aerial FAKRA connection, main ISO loom + connection [large plug]

    Step 6 | Fit the radio unit [do not turn on the ignition], the ISO loom will give you a feed which can be used with the ignition off, the radio will power up. [If the unit does not power up and you are unable to loacate the OEM ACC connections we suggest contacting a professional unless you have a good competency of AUto Electrics]

    Step 7 | Once the unit is fitted, refit all screws, connections and fascias, ensuring the airbag connection is fully connected.

    Step 8 | You can now use and enjoy your radio and all features!


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