Silent Coat | Cab | Door Kit

Silent Coat | Cab | Door Kit

Silent Coat Starter Set - 4 sheets of Silent Coat sound deadening, a panel of Isolator 4 and a panel of Sound Absorber. 

The Sound Absorber 15 is a polyurethane foam material with a special formulation to achieve superb sound absorption and flexibility. Use behind the door cards to absorb unwanted noise and backwaves. The 'egg box' form on the surface absorbs 30-40% more sound than plain material.

The Silent Coat Noise Isolator 4 is a noise and thermal isolation material made using special closed structure foam technology. Use on the speaker baffle and door panel to create a rattle free airtight seal to the door card.

Set Includes:

4 x Sheets of Silent Coat Deadening (37cm x 25cm each)
1 x Absorber 15 panel (37cm x 25cm)
1 x Isolator 4 panel (37cm x 25cm)
Silent Coat Deadening
	2mm Thickness
	Butyl Construction
	Mastic High Adhesive
	0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel
	Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
	Sheet size 375 x 250 mm
	4 Sheets Supplied
	Coverage 0.4sq.m (4.3sq.ft)
	Weight 3kg/sq.m

Isolator 4
	4mm Thickness
	Absorbs airborne noise
	Seals Panels
	Water resistant
	Includes Adhesive layer
	For speaker baffle
	Apply over Silent Coat Deadening for best results
	Supplied as single panel (37cm x 25cm)

Absorber 15
	15 mm thick
	Self adhesive
	Prevents trim rattle
	Diffuse unwanted noise
	Supplied as single panel (37cm x 25cm)

    VAT GB 279142482 

    Company Number 10989646