T5 | T5.1 | T6 Caravelle Carpet + CAB MAT

T5 | T5.1 | T6 Caravelle Carpet + CAB MAT

Fully Moulded Cab Carpet for the T5, T5.1, T6 + Cab Carpet 

Fitting | https://youtu.be/3DG-6d7OobI 

Please shout up prior to order. We have plenty of these available in the trade network if we don’t have stock available 🙌🏼

Designed to fit directly over the original rubber floor mat
The centre console must be removed first before fitting can start and is held in place by the seat mounts and two sewn on flaps which are then glued and tucked under the wheel arch rubbers. The plastic step trim also fits over the edge of the carpet on both sides
Three heel pads; two in the drivers footwell and one in the passenger side
• Bench Seat
• Captain Seats
• Swivel Bases Tail option on Bench Seat to cover the handbrake gap (REGISTERED DESIGN: 6027381
Visit delivery for current estimated times
The cab over mat will go into production and will be shipped as a separate parcel due to lead times in manufacturing
* Shipping is not available to Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man. Isle of Wight & Northern Ireland without a carriage excess
** Please ensure you consult the colour charts for each product and see the colour variations before order
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