T6.1  | Luxury | Cab Mat

T6.1 | Luxury | Cab Mat

CAB Carpets to fit the new T6.1 Platform


Our carpets are made from the finest luxury PolyPropylene mix, the best you can get, far exceeding anything else on th market, and fitted to contour the cab area with extended arch wings and a tail between the seats on the Captain Seat arrangement + the Bench Seat for full floor coverage


Our Mats for the MSCraft, Kiravan + Rusty Lee Swivel base both have cutouts to allow for the mat to contour around the profile of the seat base


Available in:

• Bench Seat

• Captain Seats

• Swivel Bases [MSCraft + Kiravan + Rusty Lee]


Tail option on Bench Seat to cover the handbrake gap (REGISTERED DESIGN: 6027381


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Carpet colour
Binding Pre Stitching (Choice on black only)
Binding Style
Seating Arrangement

VAT GB 279142482 

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