VAT GB 279142482 

Company Number 10989646

All fitting instructions can be found on the fitting tab at the top or side if using a mobile!

✅ T5.1
✅ Cheapest in the EU & price matched
✅ Easy and secure fitting
✅ Saves time painting any chrome badges!
✅ Factory fitment

Fitting: Use a hairdryer to hear the area gentle. An old credit card or ideally nylon string such as dental floss will remove the old badge The front is a twist and lock system. If you are lucky the badge will twist anti-clockwise. On occasions the upper grille will need to be removed. On the rear you will see the clips to squeeze together and twist out the badge.

If you need to remove the grille, lift the bonnet and you will see 3 press clips holding the grille in place. Remove those with some pliers and the grille will pull off. Be careful with the lower section with the small clips at the base of the grille

T5.1 Gloss Black Badges from

  • Front Grill

    Use a cloth to grip the badge and twist anti-clockwise.  The badge should come out easily

    Rear Badge

    Use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive.  Dental Floss is also a good way to work away behind the badge.

    The rear badge comes with 3M Adhesive to stick to the body work once it has been cleaned and degreased.