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Products found specifically for the floor of a vehicle designed primarily to reduce airborne noise from tyre or road noise, rumble and to keep the floor warm underfoot.  All products can be fitted directly to the rear floor.  The key is to mass load the floor to kill off noise. 

Application on the floor of your vehicle can be a difficult decision.  Should I or shouldn't I?  Below we show some options and ideas.


Remember that the majority of noise and low frequency airbourne noise comes through the floor so completing a coverage on the floor is where you will see a big impact! It is not just about being warm underfoot.  You can achieve this easily through ply or other coverings

The floor of the vehicle is stiff through the ribs so will not resonate like the panels.  The best advice is to fit a product which fits in your budget and build. 

Thermo Liner Pro is designed to be soft and malleable and therefore not appropriate for use on the floor due its ability to be compress, it is too soft. A ply floor fitted directly to the liner will dip under pressure.  Instead there are two direct lliner options  Dodo Duo which is a mix of Deadening & Super Liner in an all in one product. At 4.5mm and pro coming in thicker and more dense at 7mm, this will keep the height down while reducing road noise through the rear floor, it can also be used on the wheel arches.  Remembering that the rear floor is more about sound and acoustic comfort. 

The other option is to use 6mm Super Liner, we see this option when customers use any extruded insulated flooring where insulation isnt as important and the height still needs to be kept to a minimum. 6mm Super Liner is perfect for this point. 


Finally a more budget friendly is simply to add deadening alone, this will reduce the acoustics of course but will not insulate against any thermal loss. CTK is great for this being 500mm sheet size. The final option is Dodo Hex in roll form.

Whilst it's a perfect build to cover the floor totally and will provide a vehicle which acoustically is top notch and warm, it will always depend on your build in the back as to products which you choose. 

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