1. Fit small gland over 16A cable 

2. Strip the ends to 5mm and crimp cable caps

3. Fit the large section over the cable and screw gently to the gland

4. Wire in the connectors to the end of the supply lead and fit into the pins, screw together

5. Using the van connection, test fit

Caps are fitted over both the van connection and the supply 

When fitting the van connection, ensure the polarity is in line. Use Pin 1 for live, 2 for neutral

A 20mm gland must be fitted on the rear of the van connection if you are fitting either under the rear bumper or in the grill.  The caps will make the connection weatherproof (IP66) but the gland will reduce any splash up or ingress of water when the van is being using in normal driving conditions

If you are fitting the angled housing, follow the same steps above but the small connector now attaches to the housing and will face downwards if fitting to the side of the van or forward facing if fitting under the bumper​

  • To prevent the connector being opened unintentionally when used in electrical circuits containing hazardous life parts, the thread between the housing and the connector head must be secured using a suitable cyanoacrylate adhesive (Super Glue)

  • Connectors used in electrical circuits containing hazardous life parts must only be assembled and used by or under the supervision of persons with the requisite electro-technical training, taking the applicable regulations and standards into account.

  • The end user must take suitable safety measures to ensure that the connector cannot be disconnected accidentally.

  • To lock the cable connector, the threaded ring is tightened until it is ‘finger-tight’ (approx. 50 cNm).

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