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CTK: Transporter Package 12mm Dodo Thermo Liner Pro

CTK: Transporter Package 12mm Dodo Thermo Liner Pro

LWB Transporter


Practic 2mm & 12mm Liner

x3 CTK Practic packs 32 sheets

x6 Dodo Thermo Liner Pro 12mm 3sqm


CTK is a specialist European brand brought to the UK market by Dodo Mat


CTK is a sound deadening mat with unique butyl composite and polymers providing low resonant frequency, good adhesion to the surface and very high flexibility. An embossed aluminium foil with a thickness of 0.06 mm (60 micrometres), provides mechanical protection, reinforcement of the damping material and further improvement of its acoustic properties. The Practic range provides a combination of high quality material and good damping characteristics, at an attractive price. This product is ideal for applications across many industries, including van conversions and bodywork upgrades.


This Special Edition version of our best selling Thermo Liner Pro van insulation features an enhanced glass fibre reinforced aluminium for increased performance.

Dodo Thermo Liner Pro is a professional 12mm sound and heat insulation material for a quieter warmer, van, camper or motorhome.  Dodo Thermo Liner Pro is a high grade self adhesive liner, with a reinforced aluminium foil with extra soft closed cell foam. The result is a high performance easy to install insulation that curves , shapes and contours to your vehicle and is ideal for use on the van sides, floor, roof etc.

    Available 14 December 23
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