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MK4 Golf R32 GTI Battery Cover

MK4 Golf R32 GTI Battery Cover

SKU: MK4battery

Designed to be a bolt on system for the MK4 Golf Platform to cover the battery area and terminal using the x4 headlight fixing points (scrwws not supplied)



  • Fitting

    • Fit from the furthest right clip hole allowing the clip on the underside to mount onto the engine bay lip on the right wing
    • Ensure the cover sits on & not around the headlight splash cover on the left to avoid mis-aligning the holes
    • Fix screws to the left of the cover. The final hole will need a small adjustment to allow for movement depending on whether the battery fuse box is mounted on the cage or loose. This can be drilled out to suit. The holes are pre-drilled as a guide due to adjustment needed. M6 hole recommended to start 
    • When fitting, replace with new stainless or zinc M4 15mm screws/bolts with rubber washers. This will allow for any adjustment
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