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MK4 | MK5 | R32 GTI Sound Deadening Package | Dodo Pro

MK4 | MK5 | R32 GTI Sound Deadening Package | Dodo Pro


A growing and popular package!


• DODO Dead Mat Pro x30 sheets

• DODO Pro MLV x3 Large sheets (Foam down)


The impact of the kit will mean killing any deep drone from the removal of the resonator or deep exhaust notes.


The V6/exhaust note is still VERY active but the low level drone will be gone. The kit will also manage any rolling road noise through the hollow area under the rear seats. This is where the majority of the road noise comes from.


Line the rear boot well and under the rear seats with the Dodo Dead Mat Pro. This will manage the panel vibrations and road noise.


Follow with the DODO MLV over the Sound Deadening. Dodo Pro Barrier MLV includes a closed cell foam layer to perfectly block the transmission of unwanted sounds from road, engine and exhaust noise [fit foam down]

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