VAT GB 279142482 

Company Number 10989646

An extra addition to the standard door seal used to reduce road noise when travelling and to provide a plush door shut.  Generally the other products which are 12mm do not create a seal close enough to allow full sound deadening, especially on the passenger door where there is a slight off set.  A few millimetres is enough for road noise to penetrate!


Once fitted use a 6-7mm drill bit or scissors to make x4 holes along the bottom of the seal on both sides. This will reduce the vacuum on the drivers door when closing and also allow any water drain out of the seal.

Before installing you MUST FULLY degrease the surface to remove any polish or films left on from previous products. Hot soapy water and a degreasing agent is recommended. Meths is commonly used. The product will not stick on previously waxed or silicone treated surfaces. TEST a small cut off section along the area before removing the 3M tape. This will then allow for full adhesion to the surface.

TIP: Start at the bottom and work up from the wheel arch!

An exploded view of the installation line can be found below.