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How we started


Like many businesses VW Dial Adapters came about after spending many hours trying to hunt down a suitable solution to change those boring OEM dials. 


Hitting a brainwave we designed a functioning product during a lunch hour after a tough morning!  Sitting in the van, we sketched a few ideas which led to endless hours procrastinating over many weeks!!  Until... Finally the design was cracked! And as they say... the rest is history (or hopefuuly the future)

Why us?


As proud Transporter owners we appreciate the fine quality of the VW scene.  It makes us happy that we can make other owners happy by offering a simple solution with excellent customer service.  If you are unhappy we will refund your money, no quibble, no questions.  That is how confident we are about our product!


“Just fitted mine using your adapters can't fault them! Thankyou for all your help.”

"Over the moon with my new dial adaptors! Nice tidy mod to spruce up my dash and a piece of cake to do! Just the other two to do



"Knob upgrade fitted. Well happy with it"

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