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CTK Practic is a budget deadening (thinner aluminium 1.8 - 2mm butyl) which is similar to Dodo Mat Hex 

CTK Standard is the Professional sheet similar to Silent Coat 2mm/Dodo Mat Pro (thick aluminium, higher grade butyl & best adhesive)

CTK Premium Silent Coat 3mm/4mm.  CTK Premium is the best deadenng, it will match Dynamat head to head. Installers are raving about it.

Vibrodamping materials

CTK vibrodamping material, is designed for maximum comfort in your car. It absorbs road noise and increases the dynamic range of the sound system. Thanks to these properties you will significantly reduce the noise level in the car and can enjoy high-quality music. The material is a multilayer construct, consisting of aluminum foil with embossment and printed logo and an adhesive polymer layer, protected with anti-adhesive paper.

Sound insulation materials

CTK sound insulation materials are an important component of automotive insulation. Their main task is to scatter and reduce the amplitude of sound waves passing through them. This is achieved due to the open cell structure of the materials. The installation of sound insulation materials allows not only to reduce the level of external noise. but also to improve the acoustic comfort of the car. An additional property of sound insulation materials is thermal insulation.

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