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Step One | Using the Velcro* hook + loop tape [hook/rough side] attach 6x50mm strips at the 6 points along the top edge of the blind on the foil side (see photo on PDF above)


Step Two | Inside the roof area, drop the bed board so you have access to the roof area if you have one, remove the security storm straps at the front of the roof area. Install the blind with the foil side facing outwards and the material side on the inside. There are x5 magnets along the lower edge of the blind which can be used to position the blind at this point. The splits on the top edge should sit in the top corners


Step Three | Cut x6 25-30mm Velcro strips, these will be installed along the top edge of the canvas along the top edge of the roof, internally, to match up with the strips on the foil side of the blind [step four]


Step Four | With the main [large] blind in position, offer up and place the [loop] soft side of the Velcro strip onto the canvas, matching up to the positions of the Velcro on the foil side of the blind.  A smaller strip is recommended than fitted on the foil side to allow some adjustment of the blind when in place.


*The adhesive is PS-18, appropriate for canvas and PVC.  This is High Tack and will need 24 hours to fully cure before it is safe to put any removal force with the other side of the Velcro.  When test fitting be gentle removing the blind to avoid removing the Velcro from the canvas.


Step Five | Work around the blind installing the Velcro strips along the top edge of the frame.


Step Six | Install the rear, single section, behind the rear wrap-around flaps, adjust as necessary.  Work around the blind making any adjustments and ensuring the magnets along the bottom edge are placed on the lower roof surround


Once installed, the roof can still be lifted and lowered with the blind in place.


Happy, warm, camping…


The Team | customveedubs |

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