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SWB, MWB or LWB or even XLWB or HIGH TOP; Where to start…?

Updated: Nov 14

Let's be honest, building a van from scratch can be a minefield. From parts to processes, getting it right is a mix of research and gathering knowledge from online forums, YouTube and talking to pros and DIY experts!

We aim to gather some information for you in this blog on quantities needed for a variety of vehicles...

The Transporter

A SWB typically uses between 60-80 sheets of deadening. By reducing the quantity of sheets not only reduces the weight but can also keep the cost down. We tend to sell packages with between 40-60 sheets when using a Thermo liner over the top. This is usually sufficient.

Start by thinking about where you want to apply to. The walls or sides of the van can consume 40 sheets on full coverage. The same for the roof and floor. So for full coverage 120 sheets can easily be applied. That being said, it adds weight which can easily be reduced.

We tend to use around 30 on the sides and 30 on the roof along with x2 rolls of Dodo Duo on the floor area. This gives the best weight vs outcome.


A SWB will need 10sqm of liner. Thermo Liner Pro is added after and on top of the deadening.

It's a common thought that this is just the insulation. Closed Cell foam provides an acoustic isolation so along with the sound deadening, with the liner fitted over the top this will give you the best outcome with sound isolation and warmth. Thermo Liner is foil backed so there is no need to add any further vapour barrier. As long as the steel panels are fully covered, it will not allow any air to condensate on the inside of the panel.

So to summarise. SWB 60 sheets, Dodo Duo on the floor and 10sqm of liner.

Thermo Liner comes in 5,6,10,12,15&30mm so plenty to choose from!

You need to weigh up how much budget you wish to spend naturally, and what you want the end outcome to be. We have an ultimate package which will cover everything or you could mix and match to build something which fits with your budget. We are here to help and always offer free no strings advice. You don't need to buy from us to pick up the phone and have a chat about how best to attack your new build.

The most popular is 12-15mm for full spec campervans where sound and heat are of the most importance.

We discussed in September the benefits of using a flexible liner over those of Celotex or PIR boards which will always leave an air gap against panels which are not flat. Worth a read...

We have plenty to choose from. Check out our packages here along with loads of other products which are available with 24 hour delivery




10sqm of Liner

60-80 sheets of deadening



20sqm of Liner

60-100 sheets of deadening for full coverage - aim to keep weight down



20sqm of Liner

60 -80 sheets of deadening for full coverage - aim to keep weight down



25 -30sqm of Liner (think windows)

100 sheets of deadening for full coverage (Dodo Hex 1.8mm to keep the weight down). We usually supply around 60-80 with the liner



30sqm of Liner

100-120 sheets of deadening (Dodo Hex 1.8mm to keep the weight down)

We usually supply around 60-80 with the liner

If you have made it this far and read all this way, firstly good effort, secondly and most importantly, use FORUM10 for an online discount on any insulation and deadening packages online 🥇

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