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ANGLED | 240V OUTLET Electric Hookup IP67 | Connector

ANGLED | 240V OUTLET Electric Hookup IP67 | Connector


240v OUTLET POWER Connection




This unit has a FEMALE connection at the van which can be powered up from the consumer unit within the van to allow power to be sent to the awning.


UK sites do not allow cables to be run out of doors in vans nor do they allow cable splitters which share the 10A supply from the mains hookup.


This kit includes the FEMALE connection which attaches to the van PLUS the male connection which would be used to send the power out to an external awning


• IP67

• 16A rating

• Rated 400v Feed, polarity + connection would still be using UK 3 Pole twin + earth arctic cable with a UK commando at the main hookup side but with a neater connection to the van (not supplied)


British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989 IP67 | Protected caps from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins

  • Compliance + fitting


    NOTE If wiring and powering from a UK domestic socket you must ensure the plug top is rated at 13A or below OR any dediated supply on a MCB is rated to 10A or less than 16A.  A 32A ring main will share 16A across the ring which can max out the load.  If in doubt speak to a local Electrician for further advice.

    This does not impact on UK campsites which have a 10A MCB feed

    Connection - a bad connection (pin not clean, screw not tight etc). This would cause the connection to be high resistance which would generate heat

    MCB – Change to a 10A dedicated feed to avoid maxing out at 16A even with a 13A fuse on the plug top. The actual current, where a BS 1362 fuse will blow, is about 1.66 times the rated value, so for a 13A fuse this will be 21.6A

    • To prevent the connector being opened unintentionally when used in electrical circuits containing hazardous life parts, the thread between the housing and the connector head must be secured using a suitable cyanoacrylate adhesive. 
    • Connectors used in electrical circuits containing hazardous life parts must only be assembled and used by or under the supervision of persons with the requisite electrotechnical training, taking the applicable regulations and standards into account.
    • The end user must take suitable safety measures to ensure that the connector cannot be disconnected accidentally.
    • Connectors with degree of protection IP 67 and IP 68 are not suitable for use under water. A shroud must be used )not supplied if you are fitting anywhere that is not surface sealed)A 20mm electrical shroud must be used (SHROUD not supplied - if you are fitting anywhere that is not surface sealed this must be used)
    • To lock the cable connector to the connector, the threaded ring is tightened until it is ‘finger-tight’ (approx. 50 cNm).
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