Dodo Mat DEADN Sound Deadening 50 Sheets (4.7sqm)

Dodo Mat DEADN Sound Deadening 50 Sheets (4.7sqm)

Dodo Dead Mat Hex is a self adhesive, foil backed sound deadening vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Dodo Dead Mat Hex on the interior sheet metal of any vehicle to destroy unwanted vibrations & structural noise.
Make those panels as dead as a Dodo!
Dodo Dead Mat Hex has a high grade butyl compound for better sound deadening & vibration control. To maintain flexibility and ease of cutting we also employ our unique Hex embossing pattern.
Dead Mat Hex provides a lower weight solution for the car/van owner wanting a quiet smoother drive without adding unnecessary mass.  The unique Dodo specification chemistry of the synthetic butyl core effectively deadens panel vibration without the excessive bulk of competitor products.
The distinctive Hex top sheet is purposely designed to be aid installation and mould easily on more complex surfaces. This added flexibility allows the Dodo mat to be easily installed, with improved cosmetic appearance whilst minimising creases and folds.
	Makes metal panels as dead as a Dodo!
	50 Sheet Sound Deadening Pack
	High Grade Butyl Construction
	Hex embossed aluminium
	Very Soft & Flexible For Easy Installation
	1.8mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
	Classic Aluminium finish
	Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise
	Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
	Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant from -40°C to +120°C
	Fully Water & Oil Resistant
	Peel & Stick Application
	Designed in the UK , Manufactured in the EU
	Individual Sheet size: 375 x 250mm
	Pack Weight 12.5kg
	Pack Coverage 50 sq.ft (4.7 sq.m)

Use on the vehicle floor, doors, wheel arches, roof & side panels

    VAT GB 279142482 

    Company Number 10989646


    DIRECTOR | James Wheldon