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Dodo Dead Mat DEADN+ 6mm Dodo Thermo Liner PRO

Dodo Dead Mat DEADN+ 6mm Dodo Thermo Liner PRO

Dodo Mat Deadn 2mm + 6mm Dodo Thermo Liner Package

Perfect for lightweight van or kombi setups with NO Pop Top fitted


We offer the following packages


  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Extreme




  • x2 Dodo Bulk Packs (80 sheets) (Sides,Front Cab + Roof)
  • x1 Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm Closed Cell Insulation (Sides + Roof)

*No floor covering however depending on the coverage of sound deadening, 80 sheets can be used across the full van if used in half cut sheets




  • x2 Dodo Bulk Packs (80 sheets) (Sides,Front Cab + Roof)
  • x1 Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm Closed Cell Insulation (Sides + Roof)
  • x1 XL Floor pack of sound deadening for the rear floor




  • x2 Dodo Bulk Packs (80 sheets) (Sides,Front Cab + Roof)
  • x1 Dodo Thermo Liner 6mm Closed Cell Insulation (Sides + Roof)
  • x1 Dodo Duo Twin pack (Dodo Duo is a blended product of sound deadening + Super Liner all in one for use on floor areas)



  • Product Info: Dodo Deadn

    Dodo Mat DEADN Pro is a premium 2mm sound deadening product developed in the UK in collaboration with many leading van conversion companies. Designed to give you the performance , flexibility and quality you need for your next van project.... All deadening mats are not created equally.

    DEADN Pro is a superior self adhesive, foil backed sound deadening vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick DEADN Pro on the interior sheet metal of your van conversion to reduce unwanted vibrations & structural noise. Make those van panels as dead as a Dodo!
    FLEXIBLE: Dodo Mat DEADN Pro has a high grade foil for better sound deadening & vibration control. To maintain flexibility for those tougher install van areas such as wheel arches, we use our famous HEX embossing pattern.
    EFFICIENT: Dodo Mat DEADN Pro has a butyl rubber construction that has less additives than used by many sound deadening competitors on the market. Purer butyl and less mineral filler means better vibration damping and van noise reduction.

    STICKY: Dodo Mat DEADN Pro uses our latest high temperature adhesive. Simply cut, peel & stick, safe in the knowledge that the product will stay stuck even with the extremes of van and motorhome life.

    PREMIUM: Dodo Mat DEADN Pro was developed in collaboration with leading British motorhome conversion companies in order to meet the specific demands of a professional van installation. The product was designed to be as flexible, lightweight and easy to install as possible while maintaining excellent damping and professional soundproofing results.

    • Developed in the UK for Van & Motorhome Conversions  
    • Makes Van Panels as Dead as a Dodo!
    • High Grade Butyl Construction
    • Hex Embossed Aluminium
    • Aluminium Silver Finish
    • Very Soft & Flexible For Easy Installation
    • 2.0mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
    • Quality Butyl Chemistry - Low Odour
    • Stop Rattles, Vibration & Noise
    • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
    • Heat Resistant from -40°C to +120°C
    • Fire Retardant Vehicle Standard FMVSS302
    • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
    • Peel & Stick Application
    • Designed in the UK, Made in Europe
    • Pack Weight 12.6kg
    • Individual Sheet Size: 370 x 250mm
    • Bulk Pack - 40 Sheets
    • Pack Coverage 3.7sq.m (40sq.ft)
  • Product Info: Dodo Thermo Liner

    Dodo Thermo Liner is our classic best selling 7mm sound and heat insulation material for a quieter warmer, van, camper or motorhome.


    Dodo Thermo Liner is a high grade foil lined nitrile closed cell foam and is ideal for use on the van sides, floor, roof etc. 


    Dodo Thermo Liner is designed specifically for the UK vehicle market and will improve the comfort of any interior, but is perfect for camper vans, van conversions, Land Rover and vehicle restorations


    Easily installed this self adhesive product will improve the cabin environment. Temperatures will be controlled, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Less noise makes for a less tiring drive and your radio will sound clearer with less distortion.


    • Efficient low profile insulation 
    • Easy installation - cut, peel & stick.
    • High thermal efficiency nitrile foam
    • Significant Noise reduction
    • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.
    • Reduces condensation
    • Acts as a barrier against heat loss
    • Superior Crush resistance  
    • Improve van interior comfort
    • Moisture resistant dense closed cell foam
    • Reinforced reflective foil
    • Strong Peel & Stick Self Adhesive
    • High grade construction
    • Flammability tested to FMVSS302
    • Designed in the UK
    • Thickness 7mm
    • Total area  10 Square metres  (107 Square feet) 
    • Roll/Sheet size 1m x 10m
  • Product Info: Dodo Mat DEADN Duo

    Dodo Mat DEADN Duo

    This unique product offers two essential layers in one simple application! The Special Edition version features an enhanced 2mm sound deadening layer.


    With soundproofing, & insulation combined, this product is perfect for floor and boot areas of the vehicle and will kill vibrations, block noise and insulate the panels. Simply peel & stick onto the metalwork in one easy application.


    Sound Deadening Layer

    Dodo Mat DEADN Duo has a 2mm butyl rubber deadening layer to reduce vibration from the panel and act as a barrier to airborne noise. More rubber and less mineral filler means better vibration damping and noise reduction. Dodo Mat DEADN Duo placed on the interior sheet metal of any vehicle will destroy unwanted vibrations & structural noise.


    Insulation Layer

    Duo features an integral 5mm Dodo Super Liner top layer. This special formulation closed cell foam has excellent thermal and acoustic properties, ideal to reduce noise and insulate the vehicle. The closed cell foam layer will act as a thermal insulating layer to help stabilise vehicle cabin temperatures throughout the year and reduce the chances of condensation forming.



    To increase installation convenience the product is supplied in one continuous 5m sheet (rolled) perfect for custom work and large floor areas.


    • Makes metal panels as dead as a Dodo!
    • Special Edition version features enhanced sound deadening
    • Vibrodamping, Sound Proofing & Insulation combined.
    • 7mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
    • Aluminium & Pure Butyl Construction 1.8mm deadening
    • Closed cell thermo acoustic 5mm foam insulation
    • Soft & Flexible does not require heating
    • Stop Rattles, Vibration, Heat & Noise
    • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
    • Heat Resistant from -50°C to +150°C
    • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
    • Very Flexible For Easy Installation
    • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
    • Peel & Stick Application
    • Supplied as 50cm x 500cm Roll
    • Coverage 2.5sq.m (26.9 sq.ft)
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