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LWB CRAFTER Package inc 15mm, HEX, Floor & Fleece (CTK)

LWB CRAFTER Package inc 15mm, HEX, Floor & Fleece (CTK)

SKU: CTK Sandwich



x2 DEADN HEX 1.8mm 50pk 4.7sqm 158

x5 5sqm 15MM Dodo Thermo Liner Pro 25sqm 645

x6 Dodo EVO fleece 50mm 222

x4 CTK Sandwich 5mm 356


Dodo Mat DEADN provides a lower weight solution for the car/van owner wanting a quiet smoother drive without adding unnecessary mass.


This Special Edition version of our best selling Thermo Liner Pro van insulation features an enhanced glass fibre reinforced aluminium for increased performance.Dodo Thermo Liner Pro is a professional 15mm sound and heat insulation material for a quieter warmer, van, camper or motorhome. Dodo Thermo Liner Pro is a high grade self adhesive liner, with a reinforced aluminium foil with extra soft closed cell foam. The result is a high performance easy to install insulation that curves , shapes and contours to your vehicle and is ideal for use on the van sides, floor, roof etc.

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