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Silent Coat | Extra 4mm | Volume Pack

Silent Coat | Extra 4mm | Volume Pack

This double thickness 4mm version of Silent Coat deadening mat is perfect for those areas that suffer from bad noise or vibrations, such as wheel arches, boot floor and transmission tunnels.

Silent Coat Extra 4mm Damping Mat uses constrained layer damping to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, converting them into low level heat. Stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle and dramatically improve the sound of your car interior.

Silent Coat Damping Mat
4mm Thickness
Butyl Construction
Mastic High Adhesive
0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel
Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
Sheet size 375 x 250 mm
Volume Pack 12 Sheets
Pack Coverage 1.12sq.m / 12.05sq.ft
Weight 6kg/sq.m
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