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All fitting instructions can be found on the fitting tab at the top or side if using a mobile!

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Delivery approximately at the end of January
• OEM Fixings to the wheel arch NOT the bumper so no drilling
• Flexible + Durable solution to fitting on the T6 Tailgate which is a different shape to all other vans
• Set of 4
Fitting instructions are available to view online 
We’ve added a photo which shows how they will fit with the:

• T5 | T5.1: Both Barn Door + Tailgate - A small section, due to the bumper being a different slightly different shape on the T5 | 5.1 will be visible at the lowest point of the rear. A photo has been added to show but it’s really only the underside. This is covered in the fitting guide. These were designed for the T6 but can b fitted on the T5’s

• T6 Barn Door: Follow to fitting instructions but a slight modification will be needed if you want to fit 

• T6 Tailgate - Perfectly as they are designed for the T6 Tailgate👌🏼

T5 | T5.1 | T6 Mudflaps

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