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VW T6 T6.1 | Tailgate | Set of 4 | Shorty | Mudflaps

VW T6 T6.1 | Tailgate | Set of 4 | Shorty | Mudflaps


VW T6 T6.1* only


No drilling | Direct fit | 10 min install


• OEM Fixings retained to the wheel arch NOT screwed to the bumper so no drilling

• Flexible + Durable solution to fitting on the T6 Tailgate which is a different shape to all other vans

• Front + Rear

• Set of 4


Fitting instructions are available to view online or below


* These will also fit the 6.1 but with a small section removed on the front Mudflaps where the engine tray sits 8mm lower than other models. Without this the front units will not fit


Will not fit the T5.1 Tailgate or Barn door or T6 Barn Door due to the bumper being a different shape


The fixings on the T5.1 are in the same place but the shape of the bumper will leave a small gap along the edge

  • Fitting guide

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