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X1 Sheet Silent Coat Sound Deadening

X1 Sheet Silent Coat Sound Deadening

SKU: SilentCoatSingle
2mm Silent Coat per sheet 

TRANSPORTER Rear Floor - 40 sheets
Cab Floor - 20 sheets
Doors - 10 sheets (x5 per door)
Roof - 40 sheets
Sides No Windows - 40 sheets
Sides With 2 Windows - 30 sheets
Sides With 4 Windows - 20 sheets 
Rear doors - 10 sheets
CRAFTER See package deals for quantities for MWB + LWB
Most popular vans in the UK start life with very little luxury, however the load area can be improved dramatically with the application of sound deadening and insulation.
Workhorse or weekend getaway vehicle, we can upgrade your van in a few simple steps. The Silent Coat 2mm sound deadening mat is applied first to all single skin steel areas, such as the side panels, roof, wheel arches and doors. This is a simple peel & stick application.
The medium sized van will take approximately two Bulk 40 sheet (8.sq.m) pack of sound deadening for these areas.
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