Fitting takes approximately 20 mins with the correct equipment.


Simply attaches to the side of the van using two Captive M6 Bolts, behind the drivers seat and allows the TV Bracket to be mounted to the bracket

To complete the setup you will need:
2 x M6 Rivnuts to install into the van (supplied)
1 x Rivnut insert tool to install rivnuts to van
2 x M6 20-25mm Bolts to fasten wedge to van (supplied)
2 x M6 15-20mm Bolts to attach TV Bracket to the wedge (supplied)

Basic tools: Allen Keys, M9/9.5mm Cobolt/Tin Drill Bit

Step one: Locate the two pre-drilled holes on the side of the van. These would have been the placement holes for the twin sliding door handle. T5 + 6 only


Step two: Drill out to expand (only if needed - test with the 9mm supplied rivnuts) the two stock holes using a M9-9.5 (Measure first!) Ground Drill Bit and install the Captive Nuts using the RivNut Insert tool. 


*YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRILL OUT NEW HOLES, the hole centres match perfectly to the existing holes in the B Pillar


Step three: Test fit the bracket but do not screw it to the van


Step four: Install your TV bracket to the van.  Use the M6 Bolts to secure the bracket.  Fit and install TV Bracket to the Mount.


Step five: Secure the mount and bracket to the side of the van - Do not over tighten


Step six: Install TV to the mount and bracket.  Secure and tighten the bolts to stop the bracket from moving. The lower hole on the VonHaus bracket is wider to allow for slight adjustment

We have fitted a 16" Cello 12V TV with a DVD player, this sits perfectly square and folds away nicely when not in use