ABOUT | We started making blinds back in 2016 for a few VW Conversion Companies  Since then we have grown to supplying over 40... Our first products were aimed at offering simple yet effective thermal blinds with CUSTOM Edging colours, something that is not available anywhere else on the market.  We found that there are lots of blinds out there but NON with the option to customise the edging tape.  Perfect for matching colour schemes in VANS! We now have a huge range of blinds and growing... slowly...


Quilted Blinds

Quilted material on both sides but WITHOUT the foil backing making them non reflective for the summer.  Although they will keep light out, they are black or light grey (Light Grey would be more effective at blocking the heat over black so will absorb some heat.  The pattern is quilted diamonds and has a thermal wadding.  These can be edged in any colour tape

Thermal Blinds

Thermal Blinds have a foil backing and a Grey/Silver Waterproof 9 layered make up making them thick and plush in comparison to any other on the market. These have thermal capabilities and will of course reflect the sun. These can be edged in any colour tape.

Both sets of blinds are installed with black eyelets and sold grey suckers which will not let any light through. 

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